13th IACAPAP Lunch & Learn Webinar

25 ans d’interventions de psychiatrie infanto-juvénile en situation de catastrophes : modèles de soin et leçons potentielles pour les pandémies et les enfants victimes de conflits armés

Quand ? 21 septembre à 4h du matin

Où ? Séminaire en ligne

Australia is at times a harsh environment with frequent floods, cyclones and devastating wildfires. Developed over a long period, a frequently employed Australian child and adolescent mental health approach is a universal school-based screen for PTSD, anxiety and depression, followed by targeted assessments and then delivery of trauma-focused CBT aided by a parent- and child-trauma workbooks. Examples of this model will be given, ranging from small single traumatic events (e.g., an accident involving one school) to very large natural disasters. The talk will conclude with discussion of the utility of this approach with young people impacted by pandemics and man-made disasters such as military conflict.